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Review: Julie & Julia - Julie Powell

Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously - Julie Powell

It’s not brilliant, and to be honest I only read this because I’d already seen the movie last summer. I’m sure someone who can cook something other than instant noodles would enjoy it more. Or someone who’s an actual foodie?
On second thought, maybe not.


Julie is likeable. Ish. She’s not the most affable person on earth, or the centre of the party, she’s just average. She drinks a lot and swears a lot and she turns to a 365 day cooking project hoping that it would give her life some purpose/ structure.
Sure, she’s whiny and self-absorbed and utterly ridiculous at times, but honestly? No more than the average person.


It’s not a book about cooking. No disrespect to the author, but it sure as hell isn’t a book about how an average woman can master ‘The Art of French Cooking’. It is, however, a hopeful tale peeking through the horrors of bone marrow extraction and aspics.


Recommended to:
People who like disorganised, Buffy-loving protagonists and want to read about a year in their life.


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